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英语口语的自我介绍十篇 My name is LiMingMen, long the light eyebrow small eyes, big ears, a position hair, like a little hedgehog. I a smile, the eye mi became a crack, like crescent as cute!I dont high not short, not fat or thin, the....

英语口语的自我介绍 篇1

  My name is LiMingMen, long the light eyebrow small eyes, big ears, a position hair, like a little hedgehog. I a smile, the eye mi became a crack, like crescent as cute!

  I dont high not short, not fat or thin, the standard form. My whole body is treasure, wearing Nike, down to Jordan, even the pants is famous brand. I walking USSR, natural and unrestrained it!

  I nature bold and unconstrained, not for trivial things and haggle over every ounce. Remember once, someone accidentally knocked me down, the head is broke, although very painful, but Im also not angry. As the saying goes: "prime minister belly punting can." I will go back to prime minister, forgive him. I listen carefully in class, positive answer questions, and class helps students actively, the other people all say that Im a helpful good students, I listen to the in the mind like eat as sweet as honey.

  I love wide, such as: play football, basketball, learn English and so on. I can, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting to master everything. I most like calligraphy, every afternoon, I insist on to practice calligraphy, every time practice calligraphy are committed to work state, even a mosquito bites I dont feel itchy. Every time when I went downstairs, and many parents kua I "describing the child learn good yavin, calligraphy stick, also wiser, is really a good boy". Listening to these words, Im immensely, mom and dads face also hung brilliant smiling face.

  This is me, one hundred percent of the fresh I, fresh, energetic I!

英语口语的自我介绍 篇2

  goodafternoon, teachers! today, i——m very happy to make a speech here. noe from class1 grade 6 of tongpu no.2 primary school. i——m an active girl. i like playing basketball.

  because i think it——s very interesting. i——d like to eat potatoes. they——re tasty.

  my favourite colour is green. and i like math best. it——s fun. on the . i have a happy family.

  my father is tall and mother is hard- my home, so i uaually get up early and go to school by bike. my favorite subject in school is english, because it's very interesting.

  i like chinese too. my teachers are kind and fun. i like them.

  i have many friends at school and etimes i climb moutains with my father.

  i love my parents very much and they love me. i like eating fruits and vegetables, because i want to be healthy. fish is my favorite food. it's yummy. in four seasons, i like winter best. because i like playing with snow.

  i made a beautiful snowman with my parents last year. i was very happy. i hope it will snow this year too.

  i have a dog. his name is xixi. he is very smart and lovely. i like playing with him. i think i am a happy girl. i often smile and i'm very friendly.

  i hope you like me. thank you!

英语口语的自我介绍 篇3

  My name is .

  Firstly, I will work harder than before. I believe I am industrious man and “Time is money”. Secondly, my dissertation can rely on my study subject, they have similarity, so time can be saved.

  Finally, I will read enough English papers to finish my SCI paper.

  I am open-minded ,quick in thought and very fond of history.In my spare time,I have broad interests like many other youngers.I like reading books, especially those .Frequently I exchange with other people by making comments in the forum on line.In addition ,during my college years,I was once a Net-bar technician.So, I have a comparative good command of network application.I am able to operate the computer well.I am skillful in searching for information in Internet.I am a football fan for years.Italian team is my favorite.Anyway,I feel great pity for our countrys team.

  I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning .Of course, if I am given a chance to study in this famous University,I will stare no effort to master a good command of advance .

  Hello, my professors.It's a fine day today,and i'm very pleased to meet you here.First of all,i'd like to introduce myself to you.My name is ,my hometown is ,which is a really beautiful city.Even when i was a young boy,i was very interested in biology science.Every one may have a dream,and i still remember that my dream is to be a biology scientist (just like ZHU KE ZHEN).I liked to make wonders just like,where are we from?Where are we going in the universe?And then i would find the answers in book by myself.Still today i think that interest is the best teacher in one's whole life (and knowledge comes from practice).

  Second, i will introduce my major in the university.My major is Biological Engineering in University.It has a great relationship with biology scince.Their relationship can be shown with an example: Just like a river,biology science,which often finds new discoveries and theories, is at the head of the river.And my major,which lays more stress on practical use, seems to be at the end of it.When both of them interact well enough,the discovries and theories in biology science can be soon turned into products in all of the modern industry.

  Four years' university education gives me a lot of things to learn,a lot of chances to try,and a lot of practices to improve myself.It teaches me not only what to study and how to think,but also to see the importance of practical ability (such as doing expriment as much as possible). In the university life,i have made many good friends.They help me improve my study and research ability, do ererything just like a man,and often give me good example to follow.

  Besides what i have introduced myself above,i also have many interests in my spare time.I like playing football,which is an effective way i think to improve my body health,and it can teach me how to join in a group and deal with other people.Drawing and writing is another favor to me.

  Above all,i choose the major in order to broad my view in biology scince,and enhance my research ability.I will do my best to join the new group and be good at postgraduate study.

英语口语的自我介绍 篇4

  Hello ! I 'm ,I feel I will be fit for the job needed in your company. I’m 22 years old and in good health. After graduation from a middle school, I have studied IT for many years. I am a better well in personal responsibility ,I am good at both operating a PC,I like palying uter and listening to the music.I’m interested in the position .

  I want very much to be accepted by your company. I’ll work hard if I can be a member in your company.

英语口语的自我介绍 篇5

  My name is , I born on August 21, I am twenty-five years old。My hometown is Beijing, the capital of  China。 I graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University。my major is teaching Chinese as a second language。 After graduation in 20xx, I worked as a Chinese teacher of Grade 3 and 4 in KANCHABABURI Yuqiao school in Thailand。As a gril of leo constellation,I am enthusiastic,outgoing,open minded and kind-hearted and faithful。

英语口语的自我介绍 篇6

  Hello everybody. My name is Sid. I come from Guangdong province in China.I am very happy to come here to study with I arrived at this school three days ago, I fell in love with is so beautiful and exciting here, and everyone is kind to me especially Kim.

  This class feels just like one big family to interested in sports, music and mountain climbing.I also enjoy playing soccer. I would love to play with you sometime.I hope I can become your friend soon.

  Thank you very much.

英语口语的自我介绍 篇7

  Tell me about yourself


  I currently work as a secretary to the General Manager in the sales office of a Japanese telecommunications company.


  Since he doesn't speak Japanese, my main function is to act as liaison between him and eight Japanese staff members.

  因为总经理不会说日语, 所以我 的主要任务就是协助总经理与八位日本同事进行沟通。

  In addition to general office duties, I also perform accounting, including payrolls.

  除了办公室的日常事务之外, 我也做 一些与会计相关的业务,包括做工资表。

  My boss frequently travels and I effectively manage the office during his absence.

  我的上司经常出差,在他出差期间,我就负责打理 办公室的事物。

  I'm a self-starter and he fully trusts my ability to work without his supervision and he values my judgment in a variety of contexts.


  这不是在问你的'出生地、家庭成员、家人的职业等个人问题,而是要你介绍自己有什么 经验、具备什么知识或能力等。这是一个可以自由发挥,并展现自己的好机会。有工作经验 的人应该就其经验来进行自我介绍。 没有工作经验的应届毕业生, 则应该从学校生活或个人 生活当中,找出可以展现自己工作能力或素质的话题。另外,可以事先整理出三到五项希望面试官知道的信息。

  I'm an English major at Peking University.


  After I graduate next June, I'd like to work for an international trading firm.


  I've traveled to several countries in Asia and Europe.


  Getting to know other cultures and peoples is a fascinating experience.


  I'm currently enrolled in night courses in business English and export-import documentationin order to prepare myself for the field.

  为了能在贸易领域工作, 我目前在上夜校,学习商务英语和进出口文书处理。

  Can you tell me a little about yourself?


  Why don't you tell me a little about yourself?


  What can you tell me about yourself?


  How would you describe yourself?


英语口语的自我介绍 篇8

  Good evening,I know it's 3:00pm now,But I always what to say good evening.People always call me .I think if I have a choice.I would tell my parents I want to be called .Ok,it's a joke.To be in this class is a wonderful thing.Because god has told me that we will be the during the next 3 years.Fine, I shouldn't tell you this because god also has told me not to tell others.I like making friends with others a lot.So I think we will have a very good time together.But, don't expect me to tell you how to talk to god.Thank you.

英语口语的自我介绍 篇9

  My name is Wang and Wei Wei. I am studying in class six (seven) of twenty-three schools in Datong city of Shanxi province. My black hair, a pair of big eyes and bright, pretty nose and small. This is quite satisfactory, but I seem to lack a man's masculinity, wood has bee a boat, you have to do.

  I love reading, who makes the book the grain and pillar of the human spirit? It is still the ladder of human progress. I often swim in the sea of books, they are like a magical elf, quietly impart knowledge to me. I learn a lot of things in a middle school, it can be said that this is the love of reading the gain! I remember one time, I started reading from the morning, and when I slowed my book from the book, I had five p.m. and I thought I had just seen it for a while.

  My study is also the top class in my class. The three giants of Chinese, math and English often give me a light green light. Of course, there is also a time of red light, even when there are Ever-victorious general, failed to do!


  Every man has his faults. After all, I still have a shorting.

  I often absent-minded, not forget this, is to forget that. In grade four or five, it is mon to forget to bring back the homework book at night. Oh! This is a difficult problem. Yesterday, I was reminding myself that I didn't need to make up lessons tomorrow morning, but I just forgot that when I walked half way, I could hardly remember it. What else could I do to go home?

  The second disadvantage is that I do not like to clean up my room. My books can be seen everywhere: on the study table, on the bed, in the bookcase... Well, it's everywhere, anyway. If you want to find something smaller here, it will take at least ten minutes.

  The third disadvantage is that there is some carelessness in learning, often not to forget the decimal point, that is, to forget the name of the unit. This is my natural enemy, too.

英语口语的自我介绍 篇10

  It’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you here。 My name is , I e from which is a beautiful city。 And I am a candidate for the position of Sales Representative。

  I attended Nantong University in 20xx。 My major is Information and Computing Science and I got my Bachelor’s degree four years later。 I am especially interested in “puter and web”。

  I am 25 years old, and have had one years' working experience in an export pany, which I am leaving to look for better opportunities。 I have learned a lot about business and mastered basic office skills。 In addition, I learned how to cooperate with my colleagues from my previous job。 With strong determination, I believe I can succeed in the future。

  The position your pany offers is a great opportunity for me。 I look forward to being part of the Action team。 Thank you。