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小学生的英语自我介绍十篇 Hello, my name is_______. I am_______ years old. Now I am studying in_______Primary School. I am in Grade _______, Class_______.I live in_______. There are _______ members in my familyfather, mother and me.....

小学生的英语自我介绍 篇1

  Hello, my name is_______. I am_______ years old. Now I am studying in_______Primary School. I am in Grade _______, Class_______.

  I live in_______. There are _______ members in my family—father, mother and me. My father is a_______ but my mother is working in _______. I love both of them.

  In my spare time, I like _______, and my favorite colour is_______. Also I love__________very much, such as ________________.

  I hope I can learn English well, because I think it very important. But_______ is favorite subject, because it is very interesting.

  I wish I can become a_______in the future.

  Good morning (afternoon), teachers and students!

  My name is JinYue. Beauty is my English name. I'm ten years old. I'm an active(活泼的) girl. I like singing 、dancing、drawing and playing Pingpang.I'm a student of Class one Grade four from Affiliated Primary School of Hefei Pedagogical College.I like Chinese, Maths ,English and so on.I study very hard,I hope I can become a excellent student. I like making friends and wish to be friend with all of you.This is me. Please remember (记住)me, your good friend --JinYue. Thank you very much!

小学生的英语自我介绍 篇2

  Good afternoon, teachers! My name is YangXiaodan. I`m 11 no Class2 Grade 5 of TongPu No.2 Primary School. My English teacher is Miss Sun. She`s quiet and kind. She`s short and young. My good friend is ZhangBingbing. She`s 12. She`s tall and pretty. We`re in the same class. We both like English very much. I like painting,listening to music, playing computer games and reading books. My favourite food is chicken.

  It`s tasty and yummy. I often do my homee from Class1 Grade 5 of TongPu No.2 Primary School. There are 4 people in my family. My father is tall. My mother is pretty.My sister has a long hair. And I`m a good student. Hoe is near the school, I often get up early. Because I must puter games and reading books. I`d like to eat apples. They are sputer and P.E. on Tuesdays. My math teacher is Miss Huang. Her class is so much fun. So my favourite class is math. And I like Chinese and English, too. This is me. An active girl. Please remember XuLulu. Thank you very much!

小学生的英语自我介绍 篇3

  Hello,everyone,my name is ,I come from,now I will tell you something about myself.

  I study at school my school is very large ,there are at least 1000students in it.I like all my subjects ,such as Chinese,Maths,English and so on.I like Chinese best between these subjects,I think it is very interesting and is me,do you know me now? if you want to know me more,please let me know as soon as possible.

  Introducing yourself is very important when you meet new always want to make a good impression when telling others about w me to introduce myself.

  My name is and I'm from t now,I'm a student.I study very hard every day.I like going to school because I'm eager to learn.I enjoy learning 's my favorite class.I like to make friends and I get along with is the introduction I give whenever I meet new tells people a little bit about me and about what I like to do.

小学生的英语自我介绍 篇4

  hello,every one.My name is ___.I come from guangzhou.I like singing 、dancing and riding.I like making friends and wish to be friends with all ofyou.


小学生的英语自我介绍 篇5

  Hello,everyone!My name is steven . I'm 10 years, Today my topic is my family .

  I have a happy family.There are three members:My her , My mother and me . My parents love me very much.My mother is Chinese teacher.She is very tall and thin . Her face looks s-mall and her eyes are very beautiful.My mother is very warm and friendly to others,but she is very strict with me .

  My her is a professional accountant . He works hard every day . He likes playing football.I usually play with him . We enjoy ourselves every time .

  My dream is to be a police officer when I grow up . Everyboy , please cheer me on !

  Thanks ! Thank you very much !

小学生的英语自我介绍 篇6

  Let me introduce myself! My name is Guo Shangwen. I am eight years old. I have a slightly high nose, not too small eyes, a pair of striking ears, and I like to keep a small flat head. I look very energetic.

  What I am most proud of is my academic performance. I remember that when I was in the second grade, I participated in the competition held in the school's classroom. I won the first place in mathematics with a score of 99.5, and the second place in the school for both language and mathematics. My father often told me. Can't be proud.

  My hobby is painting, but my parents did not support me and told me to learn to sing and play the erhu. Later, I gradually fell in love with singing. In fact, my biggest hobby is to do some small inventions, small creations, etc. I have done many works of art, so my robots and cars are often dismantled by me.

  I also love to keep some small animals. Once my father was on a business trip and gave me the task of feeding the fish. As soon as my father left, I gave all the fish food to the fish. , I hurriedly called my father. My father told me that it was caused by too much food and the water quality deteriorated. I quickly changed the water to save my little goldfish.

  In fact, I also have many shortcomings, such as: writing is not neat, very excited, slow writing, etc., I want to carry forward my advantages, study hard, and improve to a higher level.

  让我做个自我介绍吧!我叫郭尚文,今年八岁,微高的鼻子,不大不小的眼睛,一对招风耳,爱留一个小 平头,看起来特别精神。





小学生的英语自我介绍 篇7

  My name is Lu Xubin. I am 8 years old and I am in grade two at Chang Nan Road Primary School.

  I am a tall, thin and handsome boy. His skin is white, though his eyes are not big, he is very bright. Short black hair and a small mouth like to eat delicious food. When I am happy, I laugh, my little eyes squint, and when I am sad, I will hide and shed tears. I also know that boys have to be strong, but they just can't help it. I'm still a good child for my mother's mother. I will help her do housework, and I will give her delicious food.My favorite animal is puppy, because it is most loyal. I have a best friend. We often study and play together. The happiest thing we have together is playing computer games, but we know how to master time.

  I have many shortcomings. For example, I don't like reading books, I like playing toys, I'm slow at work, I don't like brains, but I will try my best to correct them.

  I love making friends. Do you want to be friends with me?

小学生的英语自我介绍 篇8

  My Chinese name is . My English name is . I’m a boy .I’m nine years old. I’m from Pengshan No.1 primary school.

  I’m in Class three Grade four. I’m clever. I’m a good boy. I’m helpful. I often help my classmates. My best friend is______. He’s nine years old too. We eat ,play and read together. We learn from each other.

  I like swimming and computer games.

  I swim everyday in the summer holiday. I often skate on the weekends.

  I like blue and red .

  I like the blue sky. I like….

  There are three people in my family. They are my mother my father and I. My mother is thirty-seven years old. She’s a doctor. She likes to go travelling. My father is thirty-seven years old too. He is a teacher. He likes reading books.

小学生的英语自我介绍 篇9

  In my dream, my mother met a lovely little girl. I didn't know when I slipped into my mother's stomach. That's me, Luan Hanyu.

  I am eight years old, not tall, neither too short, but one meter four. My head is bigger. Everyone calls me "big head doll". Hair, which used to be very long ago, but mother said that the child's hair was too long to affect intelligence, so I could only cut a horse tail. My skin is very white, even if there is a sun, I am not afraid of drying, because everyone says I am not too dark, and will only dry the skin red.

  My biggest hobby is reading. I'm a little "bookworm"! My mother helped me set up the personalized composition platform and Qilu Youth newspaper, and I can't wait to open up and enjoy the fragrance of books. My mother also bought me a lot of books, such as "five thousand years up and down", "one hundred thousand why", "Andersen fairy tales" and so on, I like to read, and sometimes even let me forget to eat.

  My biggest specialty is painting, and although I don't have those little friends who specialize in painting, I think it's very satisfying to describe what I want to draw with a painted pen.

  I grew up quite a fashion designer. I designed a perfect dress in the world to give to my mother, thank my mother for her parenting.

小学生的英语自我介绍 篇10

  Look, there's a boy in the mirror. He is not tall or short. He is a little fat. He has a small flat head. Under the eyebrows of the strong peasants, he has a pair of bright eyes and a good mouth. It's not someone else, it's me.

  My name is Shen Sijie, nicknamed "Panda". I am thirteen years old. I am in Grade Six of Sanmao Primary School in Haiyan County. I am lively and open-minded, approachable, and make friends. I have many hobbies, such as playing table tennis, tennis... But my greatest feature is humor and arrogance.

  Once, in an art class, Mr. Shu arranged ink and wash paintings. I picked up my brush, dipped it in black ink and scribbled it on white paper. When the bell rang, a "earth-shaking" work was born in me. The more I looked at the picture, the more interesting it was, and I gave it a name, Panda Dog Records. I picked up this work and showed it around the class, but nobody cared about me. They all turned a blind eye to it. So I took it to my good friend Wang Zhebin in frustration, only to see that he looked very carefully. Then I made a vomiting movement and satirized, "Yes, it's really good, master level." After listening to his praise, I was happier, and I became intoxicated with myself. For a gifted teenager like me, it's a piece of cake! I also said to Wang Zhebin, "Boy, do you want to worship teachers? You can get a discount! Say a word of jealousy, don't hide it in your heart!" We both laughed together.

  Of course, I also have shortcomings, as our head teacher analyzed me, I am indeed a little despising people, very proud, self-proclaimed hero of such a boy. But I believe that I will overcome these shortcomings and become a competent vice-monitor!