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面试英语老师自我介绍十篇 I also in constant work experience to the teaching profession is a need for more responsible and careful completes also really appreciate the "high school as a teacher, the body is for the fan.....

面试英语老师自我介绍 篇1

  I also in constant work experience to the teaching profession is a need for more responsible and careful completes also really appreciate the "high school as a teacher, the body is for the fan." I think I have the ability to be competent in teaching and teaching, and I also sincerely love the teacher this profession.

  If I have the opportunity to join your school, become one of them, I will not let you all the judges teachers disappointed!

  Hi,Good afternoon everyone:

  My name is 。And I amfromNo. Overseas Chinese Middle School of 。It is really a great honor to have this opportunity for an interview 。 I would like to answer whatever u raise,and I hope I can make a good performance today 。Now let me introduce myself briefly 。

  I am years old 。 I graduatedfrom“ University”in 。 And then I got a higher degree in“ university ” in 。 I have worked for years since I graduatedfromthe university 。And I have been a headteacher for years 。

面试英语老师自我介绍 篇2

  GOOD morning everyone:

  I am so glad that I can get this k you for your 3 admission number is 123.I graduated from university in July this year,and I majored in the Chinese Language.I have an teaching exercitation for two months in one middle school,where I have hold the post of class-chairman and Chinese teacher,and I have been appreciated highly by the teachers and students who come from that , I have the seniority of the high school teaching.

  In the university,I had initial skills of becoming a qualified teacher and to teach up to a certain level of teaching.I have good moral self-cultivation, and have a firm political direction. I love the motherland, the people, and strongly support the leadership of the CPC and the socialist system.I participated in school activities of public awareness and patriotism with a pragmatic truth the spirit of enthusiasm. Now, I have become a glorious Communist Party members.

  In the study, I successfully completed the professional courses and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree and college diploma,and had passed the College English Test 6. I usually read a great deal of relevant literature, psychology, education, and other series of books,which make my literature greatly increasing.I have publish some works in certain literary magazines.

  In the life,I advocate a simple life, and love sports.I have good habits.

  I have a dream of having been a teacher from my y, I came with enthusiasm, hoping to be recognized by you, I will use my all passion to return yourapproval.

  That's k you.

面试英语老师自我介绍 篇3

  Hi,Good afternoon everyone :

  My name is I am from No. Overseas Chinese Middle School of is really a great honor to have this opportunity for an interview . I would like to answer whatever you may raise,and I hope I can make a good performance today let me introduce myself briefly .

  I am years old . I graduated from " University"in . And then I got a higher degree in" university " in . I have worked for years since I graduated from the university I have been a headteacher for years .

  Being a teacher is tired but excited . Having taught for so many years,I think I am experienced in teaching field . I have ever got much honor in teaching,but still I think I need a new environment to challenge myself .

  I am open—minded,quickly thoughs and skillful in searching for information on internet . I can operate computer well . In my spare time,I have broad interests as reading,surfing the internet,enjoying music,writing some articles on my blog and even chatting with foreign friends online if possible .

  I always believe working hard can bring us more opportunities . To be the best one is a little bit hard. But "Trying All My Best " always can cheer me up succeed or fail is not the only thing . It's in how we face and invaluate ourselves is the chance we take,and this is what we've worked for all our lives . Shining like a shooting star at night,and always smile at life 've got to give it all . Someday when we turn back for what the footprint we have left,time will record the victory in our heart . So " Try All My Best " .this is the motto of mine .

  Ok !So much k you !

面试英语老师自我介绍 篇4

  Good morning.

  Nice to meet you.My name is x.You can call me x.

  Being an English teacher is my dream, and for this, I have studied hard and set strict demands on myself.During my undergraduate and postgraduate period, not only did I obtained some certifications relevant to this job, but also participated in several social practices,inclduing interpreting and translating experience and teaching experiences.interpreting and translating experience lay solid foundation in my teaching activities.They improved my profeional skills and perfected my communicating and collaborating abilities.

  I love to be a teacher.Staying with students make me feel youth, paion and enthusiam.I am greatly delighted when my students make even slight progre.Wht’s more, I am confident that through my constant learningfromthe senior teachers I can also be an outstanding teacher.

  I will play my strengths and overcome my shortcomings,endeavor to contribute to education for this school.So, please give me a chance and test me.Thank you!

面试英语老师自我介绍 篇5

  Every examiner is good!

  I am very pleased to have this precious opportunity to attendyour school interview and apply for a position as an English teacher in secondary school. My name is , I graduatedfrom and majored in Business English. After graduating, he received a bachelor's degree in literature.During the school he passed a special four, general six general examinations, Mandarin two grade A, and can skillfully use office software. I am cheerful, approachable, and am patient and patient, and I like to get along with my children.

  During my college days, I used to teach English as a junior high school student. I have a good understanding of junior high school students' English proficiency. I know that when junior middle school formally establishes the foundation, I have developed a curriculum plan specifically for junior students who are weak in basics. If I have the honour to pass the interview, I will explain my lesson plan to everyone during the lecture.

  Teachers are a sacred profession.During the more than 10 years of my schooling, I have witnessed the teaching spirit of the dedicated and dedicated teachers of the nearby school. I have also deeply realized the importance of being an “engineer of the human soul.” This has strengthened my desire to bee a teacher.Desire.

  I am a student who passed the exam in this city and I have deep feelings for the land where I have my children. Now that I am graduating, I want to make a contribution to the education of my hometown. Your school is my alma mater, and I am very happy to have the honor to be a colleague with many teachers who have taught my class. I am a person with strong learning ability and self-motivated ability. I will humbly ask for learning and be a good teacher with due diligence.

  There are three teachers in my family. I want to be the fourth one. When I was at school, my classmates once said that I looked like a teacher. Now I want to make my dream e true. Please examine all of my requests carefully by the examiners. I would be very grateful if you pass me. Thank you!

面试英语老师自我介绍 篇6

  One minute interview self-introduction

  I am a graduate of public relations major of University. I am open-minded and generous. I have good etiquette knowledge and reception experience. I am flexible and responsive, and can handle emergencies in my work flexibly. In my opinion, the reception work represents the image of the company. Although the position is ordinary, it is very important. Therefore, to do the reception work well, we need to have a strong sense of responsibility. I am willing to work with the company to build up the brilliance of tomorrow.

  I think that human life is a process of growth, in fact, I stand there at the moment is also a growth. If a person's life must face different choices, then I grew up with these choices.

  My teacher used to tell me that you are not mending but creating; never forget that what you show people is your thoughts, not your crafts. I will integrate my personality, interests and potential into my study. In this process, I learn while practicing. If I can realize this future, I think I really grew up. And I am convinced that my relatives, good friends and love will make my future more perfect and happy.

  How to explain the future? Maybe it's just a perfect wish. Let's make up our minds and stick to it, then we must have a wonderful life.


  Dear judges and teachers, I am Wang Yujie, an examinee from Zaozhuang, Shandong Province, the hometown of the railway guerrilla team. I am an eccentric Sagittarius, lively and cheerful. I am 16 years old. I pursue music and like sports. Badminton is my favorite. Girls who often like sports are as infectious as sunshine. Yes, there are places for me. There must be laughter and laughter. At this dreamful age, everyone has a dream in his heart, just like every child has a paradise. My dream is to step on this stage, stand there, show you my grace, and bring you my happiness. Maybe I am not good enough on this day, but tomorrow I must. Must be wonderful.

面试英语老师自我介绍 篇7


   bank's good image and staff quality attract me, who is about to graduate. I am very willing to make a modest contribution to your bank!

  During school, I studied hard and seriously, and completed the courses of this major with excellent results. I actively participate in various activities organized by the school, get along well with teachers and students, and can speak fluent English. In my spare time, I usually find various jobs that can make me exercise through various ways.

  Personally, because my own personality is very easygoing, and good at communicating with others, I can quickly integrate into the new environment and team. Because I especially like to learn new knowledge and apply it to practice, I am good at accepting new things and studying. I am very interested in new challenges, am not afraid of difficulties, and can quickly adapt to the environment of challenges and pressure.

  I have participated in several internships in college, which has greatly improved my work and communication skills. In addition, I have a cheerful personality, so I can get along well with each member of the team in each internship without friction, and can alleviate the friction between team-mates, So I believe I can join the team well and help the team better complete the task.

  I hope to work in your bank, combine my theoretical knowledge with practice, and make a qualitative leap in my life. I believe your overall image, management style and working atmosphere will attract me more, which is the ideal goal I pursue in my mind.

  I sincerely ask you to give me a chance to show me my ability.

面试英语老师自我介绍 篇8

  Hello, my name is . As a preschool education worker, I have been in Beihai kindergarten for ten years, for young children with a small age classes, there are a lot of their experience. In the next year and the kids will be living together. Love them, respect them, like a mother to take care of them. The next year, I will and small classes of all teachers, sincere service for parents who hope that the cooperation of the parents, to take care of our children.

  20xx graduated from the China Womens University, the kindergarten in Beihai for four years.

  In four years, I from the kids who get a lot of happiness, but also accompanied by the growth of children, so that they are gradually mature. In the work, I love to play with the children, take care of every child in the class. The special love of small children, soul sucking their naive smiles and thoughts without evil, as if to himself back to childhood.

  And children together, sometimes very hard, but still more happy! Looking forward to the second class of all babies just join in!

面试英语老师自我介绍 篇9

  Good morning everyone:My name is Li Jing, the new English teacher of this class. Nice to meet all of you! It is really a great honor to have this opportunity to talk with you. I hope we can communicate happily and have a good day. Now, let me introduce myself briefly.I graduated Zaozhuang University and I majored in biology. So I am not a professional English teacher, But I am very interested in English.

  And the knowledge and skills I learned in school are useful in teaching, although I have no experience in teaching and managing a class. Of course, I am so young that I might make some mistakes in the future, and I hope you can give me advice as possible as you can.Being a teacher here is excited. Having thought for a long time, I think I am fit for this career, because of my educational experience and my character, Most of all, I like children and I like this job. I believe that interest is the best teacher, and I will try my best to raise the interest of the children in learning.In my work, I will try my best. I always believe working hard can bring us more opportunities. To be the best one is a little bit hard, but “Trying All My Best.” always can cheer me up.

  To succeed or fail is not the only thing. As long as we did, we will not regret. Someday when we turn back for what the footprint we have left, time will record the victory in our heart. So, “Trying All My Best” is the motto of mine.I believe that we will get along well and I sincerely hope we can be good fris.Ok! So much! Thank you!

面试英语老师自我介绍 篇10

  My name is , from , graduated from the normal school, the kindergarten teacher professional. Please exhibitions predecessors.

  20xx years after graduation, I went to a substitute kindergarten, children park. I was born with a pair of childrens love, patience and sense of responsibility, I am very fond of this fine occupation. After the test of life, now, than just graduated, now I have accumulated a lot of dealing with children experience, a more mature and confident.

  The teacher this occupation is sacred and great, he asked the teachers not only have a wealth of knowledge, but also a noble sentiment. Therefore, in normal reading, I will pay great attention to the comprehensive development of its own, widely develop their own interests and hobbies, and Xueyouzhuanzhang, in addition to do good at painting and paper-cut, sing that will jump, can speak. Of course, "the high school only the teacher, who can Affirmative fan", I also pay attention to cultivating their own moral sentiments while focusing on learning knowledge, consciously abide by the law, abide by social morality, no bad habits and behavior. The most important thing is, I love children, too very love children, I have a good party Method of communication and exchange, I think, these are a preschool education workers should have the most basic literacy.

  If I passed the interview, become a member of many teachers, I will continue to study hard, work hard, for the hometown education to contribute their strength, never live up to the expectations of the predecessors and "human soul engineer" the glorious title.